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Our Mission is to Provide the entire food industry with solutions that are:
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Case Labels for Food Traceability

PTI Case LabelAdvanced Traceability Solutions takes pride in consistently working towards new technology and systems that make food traceabilty a more time efficient and cost effective process for clients of all sizes. By offering simple, low cost, Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) compliant case labeling software and printing units, Advanced Traceability Solutions makes it possible to comply with new case tracking policies set in place by major retailers.

Advanced Traceability Solutions offers several case label compliance systems that won’t disrupt current operations, while still being economical and easy to use. We augmented our system to allow automated creation of voice pick codes, further cementing our position at the forefront of the food traceability industry.

Wal-mart, Kroger and Publix recently announced that every case of produce sold through their stores will soon need to be traceable by standard tracking information. This is a big change for many smaller suppliers, but with Advanced Traceability Solutions’ wide range of handheld and desktop label printing units available, to suit any farming environment, businesses can seamlessly integrate the new labeling protocol into their daily workflow and packaging systems.

Whether a business requires durable waterproof labeling, a hassle free label printer that doesn’t require a PC to operate, or an ultra portable handheld system that is capable of scanning 2D barcodes, the experts of Advanced Traceability Solutions will help guide you to the best food traceability software for your requirements.

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