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Our Mission is to Provide the entire food industry with solutions that are:
  • Comprehensive
  • Authentic and Secure
  • Low Cost
  • Simple to Implement
  • Easy to Use
  • Minimal Disruption of Current Operations
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Food Safety Technology

Case Label Compliance

Traceability Management

Advanced Traceability Solutions provides many food safety technology options to achieve Traceback during the processing and distribution of food commodities and packaged food products purchased by the consumer.

Our solutions comprise the ability to label, scan, and track the food products as they progress from the harvest location through processing and distribution to the grocer or food service company. This may require many steps, but Traceback across all these steps is easy and comprehensive.

Each of the Process and Distribution Printing Systems deploy a thermal printer, label design software and labels or tags. The thermal printers print labels in formats defined by label design software with lot ID, location, supplier, date, time, 1D or 2D bar codes and other critical information.

Choose from Stand Alone Printing Systems that do not requires a PC. Or connect the printing system directly to a network. Select the printer needed – portable or desktop, light industrial, or high output.

In order to achieve traceback, the label information is directly input to via a web based interface or can be scanned using data collectors and bar code scanners into is the Premier Traceback Database with decade long track record serving customers under the most strigent security requirements and the high transaction rates required by today’s harvesters – farmers, growers and fishermen.

Harvest to Plate Traceback is a reality since we address all steps of the process from harvest location, through processing and distribution to the grocer or food service organization.